I know I said I was planning on going there a few weeks ago with family but sometimes plans fall through and that they did. But the hubby and I made the journey out to Edgar this last Friday and let me tell ya, it BLEW MY MIND!

I met Tyler (bartender extraordinaire) and Scott (chef and food God) - both guys are part of the management team - and they told me all about the menu and the restaurant and the dream behind it all which makes eating there so much more fun.

First, let's talk about what we ate.

Appetizer. I HIGHLY suggest the fried pickles. So so so many places do this dish wrong. Edgar Bar fried pickles = delicious. Light breading and a good dip. The pickle really shines!

Jenn/ TSM

Main course.  I kind of made my own plate because I couldn't commit to just one menu item!   I got the sampler ribs off of the appetizer menu, a baked potato, one of the famous jumbo prawns and a side of 'My Mom's Baked Beans.' Every single thing was good. And those shrimp... Holy cow. It was literally the size of my palm!

Jenn/ TSM

The hubs main course. Prime rib... A very typical hubby dish. He LOVES prime rib. It came with the tots (which are actually crack cocaine because they are addictive and amazing) and a jumbo prawn. He ate basically all of it... Too good to stop eating!


Jenn/ TSM

Needless to say, we were STUFFED. But we didn't want to stop eating because everything was so so good.

Oh and don't forget the drinks. Seriously. Best mixed drinks I've had in the state of Montana.

Twist on a Dark & Stormy. Meet the 'Pineapple Dark & Stormy.' Sorry I didn't get a picture! But here's what's in it:

Ginger Beer
Dark Rum
Caramelized pineapple puree
Fresh Lime

Orange & Black Walnut Old Fashioned  - drank by my husband and he LOVED it!

Lemon Meringue Martini  (You NEED this.. or two!!) No joke... It tastes like a lemon meringue pie.

Jenn/ TSM

And to top off a pants button popping off evening we had the Chocolate Seduction. Guys.... This is one of THE best desserts I have ever had. It isn't made in house at Edgar Bar. They get it from Harper & Madison here in Billings. No joke.... It was to die for. The chocolate mousse in the middle was so light and not too sweet. A whole pie to-go would have been perfect!

Jenn/ TSM

All in all. If you want a freaking amazing dinner but don't want the uptight environment and you don't mind a quick drive into the country, then Edgar Bar is THE place to be!