Well you know me off on an adventure and most of the time it involves fly fishing. I decided this time to venture to a spot called Spring Creek near the Judith Mountains.

Spring Creek is a good area to fish, the nymphing is always an option and dry flying during the evening is active and can prove well with a nice elk hair caddis.

It is a difficult creek to fish, you have to present the fly just right and if you were going up for a re-cast do it with hopes of not upsetting the surface. Once you do they won't be feeding there for a while and that you could tell.

It was better dry flying at night of course but in the summer time when the sun goes down the reflection and water can be really hard to see and make your fly pretty disguised.

I did not have any luck ( hard for me to say) but the gentleman I was with did. The fish are there and it's a great spot to fish if you have some time to make the trip.


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