Although there isn't a lot to complain about when it comes to Montana and the summer time, there are some things that can be cumbersome in ways and these are the few summer woes Montanan's have.



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    I have heard it may be and already could be a bad tick season. So be careful and make sure you take precautions and check for ticks after being outdoors.

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    Dry Dust Storms

    We do get some little dust tornado's around here. With dry are\a and wind, it can get dusty.

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    Crowded Pools

    Ah the sunny days sitting by the pool....with a few hundred other adults and children. All bringing bags, food and drinks, plus flotation devices. Busy days on the water.

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    Combat Fishing

    As a big fly fisher I know exactly what "combat fishing" means. It's where there are a lot of fishers together, elbow to elbow sometimes because so many visitors and locals out fishing together. These can be one the tougher things to try to deal with for me in the summer.

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    Traffic A.K.A tourists.

    Ah yes the fact there are more bikes and cars on the road. With visitors and locals trying to get outside the roads get packed and more dangerous.

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