I know, I know, I know.... We JUST hit September. Why the heck are we talking about the holidays?! I get it. It's annoying and you don't want to but here is the deal. If you are planning on traveling out of Billings via an airplane for the Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Years holidays, you will need to book the week of October 10th to secure the best pricing and time/date you need. So really that only leaves you like six weeks to save your money and talk plans with family. I know six weeks for me goes FAST!

Flying out of Billings is already expensive but the airport is small and limited so try getting out of the city during the time everyone else wants to.... Again, book EARLY!

Besides booking at the optimal time, here are a few tips for booking travel from our friends over at Priceline.com:

  • Avoid travel on the weekends before the holidays
  • Fly midweek, like Tuesdays
  • Best time in the day to fly: 5am-7am and after 8pm
  • Worst time in the day to fly: 8am-10am and 5pm-7pm

Orbitz also has some tips:

  • The is 21 day window. Once you are within 21 days of the dates you want to fly, expect to pay much higher prices
  • Don't procrastinate thinking that there will be a sudden drop in prices. Seven days before a flight will always be the most expensive

So, try to get past your annoyance of the holidays being talked about early. It will end up saving you hundreds or thousands of dollars and around the holidays that is a huge win!