As someone who grew up outside of Montana I would have initially believed all of these to be true but after living here for eight months and making friends with people who are Montana natives, I have found a lot of these "funny" stereotypes to not be true! Here are a few that I have heard and seen and think are ridiculous!

1. Montanans who don't eat meat are harder to find than unicorns. 

- As true as that might seem I actually know quite a few people who don't really like it. They'll eat a burger every once in a while but prefer fruits and veggies and chicken or salmon.

2. Montanans are all a bunch of speed demons.

- Again, as true as this might seem, especially in Billings, I have been stuck behind quite a few people on city roads and the interstate that don't seem to know how fast 65 is because they are cruising at 55. Also, have you been to Texas? Now that's where the speed demons are. I HATE driving in Texas.

3. Everyone in Montana thinks most things are 'too spendy' to buy.

- To this I would say, "have you seen all the Ford F350s lifted or all the $50,000 brand new Suburbans and Tahoes being driven around?" Plus, because of my husband, I now have an insight on how much money is spent on hunting gear and fishing stuff. Don't try and tell me people from Montana are frugal. I will call your BS!

4. Everyone in Montana has a horse

- Tell this to all my friends who currently live in apartments and don't know the first thing about riding a horse! I agree that there are probably a lot of horse enthusiasts but if you grew up inside the cities like Billings, Missoula or Bozeman, then you probably don't have a horse.

What I do know is true though is that Montana is one of the most beautiful state in the US and people are incredibly nice and really trusting. And, I do know one thing, Montanans don't want everyone moving here. It's nice because it's not crowded!