In the United States, the average smartphone owner ages 18-24 sends about 2,000 text messages a month, according to That breaks down to about 66 per day.

If your bestie had a bad day, you might send her a quick text with a heart emoji. If your girlfriend has a big presentation at work or earns the lead role in a community play, you might send a funny gif. If you're thanking a client for a successful project, you might shoot out a quick email. The trouble is, these sentiments can get lost in all the electronic noise.

Imagine her reaction if she were to get buzzed at work because there was a flower delivery at the front desk for her. Or if she opened her door to see the delivery driver's face peeking above colorful blooms. She'd see the flowers every time she passed her desk at work or her kitchen table at home—and feel all the warm fuzzies behind the original sentiment.


Pictured from left: Sunshine, Paradise, Pail of Tulips

You might not consider sending flowers because you think it's only something that happens in movies or among older generations. It's not a lost art, though. It's truly something that would capture her attention for days.

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