I am the type of guy that loves electronic devices. From cell phones and what they can do to the latest is gadgets, I am a techie that loves this stuff.

I actually had a washer and dryer that I could run with my cell phone from anywhere I had a signal. It was awesome. Now if only I could have had it load, unloaded, fold and put away the clothes by itself. That would have been incredible!

Right now there is a prize in the Cat Country VIP Club that I would love to have because it seems so cool.

It is a Gesture Controlled Remote Control.

Basically you can control your home electronics like your tv and surround sound without a remote, You actually use your hands to direct what you want to happen.

Turn up the sound? Move your hand. Turn on the tube? Gesture it to do so.

All you have to do is use your hand to win it too! Point, click and win right now in the Cat Country VIP Club.