So I was watching the news the other day and found out some disturbing news.  GMC recalled my 2010 GMC Acadia.  Did you hear about this yet?  The Acadia's are not the only one's either.  So if you've got a GMC vehicle, please read further!

— 1.18 million SUVs because their side air bags, front center air bags and seat belt pretensioners might not deploy if drivers ignore an air bag warning light on their dashboard. The recall includes the Buick Enclave and GMC Acadia from the 2008-2013 model years; the Chevrolet Traverse from the 2009-2013 model years; and the Saturn Outlook from the 2008-2010 model years.

— 303,000 Chevrolet Express and GMC Savana vans from the 2009-2014 model years because the material on the instrument panel might not adequately protect unbelted passengers' heads in a crash.

— 63,900 Cadillac XTS sedans from the 2013 and 2014 model years because a plug in the brake assembly can get dislodged and short, increasing the risk of an engine compartment fire.

I had to share the info because there are so many people here in the Billings area that have my exact car. Not even kidding. Exactly.  I thought(probably like many) that my new car was almost one of a kind.  Until I drove it off the lot.  Then I saw, like 200 of them.

Anyways, I just want everyone to be aware of the recall and to look into it if they happen to have a GMC.  Really you should look into your vehicles history year to year to make sure there haven't been recalls on their current ride, just to be safe.

If you know of any other recalls, please share them with me in the comments section below!