Grimes suffered through a bad bout of electrical wiring last night (March 15) when she was repeatedly electrocuted onstage during a Dublin tour stop.

The singer-producer, who celebrates her 27th birthday on March 17, reportedly stopped midway through several songs, according to a report from Stereogum. The cause of electrocution remains unknown.

Grimes later posted an apology on Instagram addressed to the Olympia Theatre, where she performed last night, clarifying that the venue wasn't to blame for the faulty wiring. She said it was likely an issue with her audio equipment, though the source has yet to be identified.

“Hey! just wanna apologize to the Olympia theatre that I originally thought they were responsible for the electrical issues at last nights show. We've triple checked everything and haven't yet discovered what the issue was," she wrote. "The Irish promoters were nothing but lovely and I don't want them to take the blame for something that was most likely on our end.

"I also want to reiterate that everyone on my team and especially my audio guys did everything they could without stopping the show," Grimes continued. "But it was some kind of an issue w the vocal channel so even whilst bypassing the pedal I was getting gunshots through the vocal channel into my monitors. Perhaps it was an angry ghost."

She went on, saying the impetus for her clarification comes from a desire to not see anyone from the Dublin theater fired over the incident:

"Anyway this probably doesn't make any sense to non-musicians, but w regards to the inside baseball I just wanted to say something so no one loses their job or gets in trouble for an issue that, as far as I can tell, was outside of everyone's control."

A number of fans took a lighthearted approach to the situation, referencing The Simpsons character Frank Grimes, whose frustration with Homer's general incompetence ultimately drove him to death by electrocution. Watch that moment below:

Read the full apology over on Grimes' Instagram.

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