I may or may not have stayed up all night long waiting for the 12:01am pre-order release of the new iPhone 7 Plus. Okay, I DID! One of my coworkers thinks it's a cult. Well, if it is... I'm happy about it and they have really good marketing! But on a seriously note, I have always loved Apple products and especially iPhones. I have got the new one every two years since they have come out. Call me obsessed, but whatever!

I pre-ordered (shipping Sept 23-30) the iPhone 7 Plus in the new Matte Black with the 128GB. Not going to lie, I flipped back and forth between the gold and new matte black several times. I currently have the gold iPhone 6 Plus in gold and love the gold mostly because I like the white front. The new Matte Black has a black front which is super sexy and cool but it just doesn't feel like... me. Went for it anyway because, why not?

And of course I went with the middle amount of GB. I foresee the 32GB being the new 16GB. Since the new phone has an incredible camera then you know that the pictures are going to take up more storage and with new apps that are larger then it seems like you would run out of storage space just as fast and that is my current situation and I HATE it!

I will let y'all know when it arrives and give it a thorough review!