Tim Chamberlain, Townsquaremedia

Ever came up to someone you know and greet them with a handshake only to be greeted with a pound instead?  Your hands connect awkwardly and you switch to a pound and they switch to a handshake and you exchange awkwardly again.  This happens to me quite often, as being at my age, I am a hand shaker.  I know my friends and I have our basic pound and blow it up type of greeting, or a handshake and the guy hug, but it differs outside of your circle and family. When I see my cousin Dylan, I always greet him with a handshake and he comes at me with a pound, every single time. I should know this by now, but i think it is just a natural way for me to greet most people, with a handshake.

I realize the pound is easily one of the more popular and apparently a cleaner, less "germy" way to shake hands these days. At times you see people with an elaborate 20 second greeting or just a hug.  Back in the day, I always greeted my lady friends with a hug. With some of my closest lady friends it would be a hug and a hand on their tummy as I say, "It's gonna be a soccer player". The good old days when life was easy!

It seems as though I am between the  generation of hand shakers and fist pounders. Do you ever get caught in that awkward turkey greeting of half fistbump and half hand shake? I am sure many of you know what I am talking about and I am sure it will happen again.

There are many ways to greet your peeps, go out today and meet someone new and bring peace back to the human race!