UPDATE (9/23): Haters Back Off has its first teaser trailer. Watch below.

YouTubers are taking over, and don't you dare forget it.

The latest evidence? Miranda Sings, lipstick enthusiast, natural beauty and Voice Of Our Generation (as played by actress Colleen Evans née Ballinger), is getting her very own show.

In her latest video, Sings dropped the big news to her adoring Mirfandas (and haters): She's pregnant! No, just kidding. She's not married! How could she be pregnant? She's not a SINNER. She's giving birth...to a Netflix series called Haters Back Off.

"I thought I would do some charity work this year, and that's why I wanted to help out Netflix. It's this little website and I thought I could really help them out," the ever-humble chanteuse explained before going into graphic detail about the physical stress of putting together a show. Writers! Set designers! Costume designers! And all she wants is just do it herself.

Netflix is taking forever to finish the show, but she'll let us know when it's finally done. Stop ticking her off, Netflix!

For now, you can tweet #MirandaSingsOnNetflix on Titter to show her that you're really, really essited about this new development.

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