I'm pretty positive everyone I know has already completely decked out their homes with Christmas decorations. Which, I have no negative feelings about that. I think you should decorate your house for the holidays whenever you want to! I know I have already decorated my house but this year is a little different... Since my husband and I are building a house that will be finished in February, we just decided to not unpack everything and keep basically everything completely boxed up; this includes the Christmas decor.

Normally, I'm the one who goes nuts but this year I just don't care to. With everything packed away and our house being done in February plus we will be in Oregon with our families for most of the Christmas holiday, it just didn't make sense. But, I needed something to prove I care so I put up my 3ft tall fake tree and added an ornament my mom bought me in Red Lodge over the weekend. Don't be fooled, I LOVE Christmas but this year I'm just not proving it through decor!