It's hard when you're younger to see the big Christmas tree all lit up and with tons of colorfully wrapped presents under it! Anyone is lying if they say they never went and at least snooped to see which presents had their name on the tags.  I still do this.... I even pick them up and give them a shake! The temptation is even more real when it's a bag with just tissue paper!!

I can't recall unwrapping anything but my bother-in-law has! When my husband and I were dating still, his younger brother was still in high school. One weekend we were all at the mall and I remember my brother-in-law picking out a pair of jeans and I knew that his Dad had bought them and wrapped them up. That next week I was over at their house and I saw him walking out of the house to go hang out with some friends and he was wearing the PANTS. I told my husband, "aren't those the pants your parents got for him" and so my husband said something to him, I think... The memory is getting fuzzy... I do recall however my brother-in-law admitting that he not only UNWRAPPED the pants but that he wore them and so he didn't get caught be re-wrapped an old pair of pants. OH. MY. GOSH.

If you are in need of pointers on how to unwrap a gift without anyone knowing, please contact my brother-in-law. He's a professional LOL.

Have you unwrapped a gift before Christmas? Was it when you were younger or has it been recent? I'd love to know!