(Getty Images/ Tim Boyle)

Driving around Billings this last weekend my husband and I noticed something all too familiar to us: U-haul trucks. And lots of them!

After making the some 15 hour journey here from Seattle and having previous moves, we are all to familiar with the red and white box trucks. So, noticing them is a usual but this weekend there seemed to be more than the usual. From what I understand, Billings is growing at a healthy rate of 3% a year.  That means there are about 62 people a week moving to Billings! That's a lot if you ask me. That's 62 people a week looking for rentals or buying homes.

But, I am very excited about what comes along with new people moving into a new city. When you have more people, naturally the city expands. New restaurants, new shopping places, new homes. Call me progressive but new doesn't have to be bad.  It just means new and new can be exciting in a thriving economy. Well, for all those new people driving around slightly stable and over-packed moving trucks, welcome to Billings!