Let me just start out by saying that I haven't seen a UFO here in Billings and nor do I necessarily believe that there are extraterrestrial beings but that fact is there are a lot of people who do and weird lights in the sky are hard to explain! Plus, Montana is a huge state with few people in it so it seems like a good place to fly over if I were an alien!

Here is a list of times and dates in the last few months that there have been sightings in Billings:

7/22/16 1:03pm - oval light shapes making circles in the sky for two minutes
6/23/16 10:55pm - yellowish/orange lights following a jet airplane
4/1/16 11:16pm - two lights off in the distance
1/2/16 8:45pm - green fireball with tail like a comet go towards to airport

Here is a video of some unexplained sightings in Billings:

Do you believe that they are out there?