JP, here. I am just short of having lived in Billings for one month! My husband and I packed up a U-Haul (with help of course), a truck with an auto tow and my SUV and we caravan-ed it out here from Seattle, WA with our parents. Yes, both sets of parents made the trek with us to help with the move! Luckily, everything and everyone made it.

I have visited Montana before but have never been this far east. I have been in Whitefish and Glacier National Park, which are gorgeous, but never got the opportunity to come to Billings until last February when I came out here to interview with the radio station. I have to tell you, we were sold immediately. It's beautiful here and I know why they call it 'Big Sky Country'. Besides scenery we fell in love with the pace of life and as of this last weekend we said we could stay here long term because of how much life has sloooooowed down.

Life in Seattle can be very fast and pushy and both my husband and I fell into that trap very easy. By the way, husband has a name- Meet, Spenser! He's a Professional Civil Engineer and is my resident smarty pants. I got the artsy-fartsy side of this marriage. Anyhow, life was upside down. We were working at home, on weekends and missing out on quality time with each other, our friends, our families and the great outdoors! In Seattle, there is SO much to do, yet somehow after living there for three years I don't feel like I even made a dent because I was too busy chasing that next promotion or another dollar or trying to impress the boss.

Besides the beautiful outdoors and the pace of life, we LOVE food and beer. So, obviously we hit the jackpot here. I'm the foodie and Spenser is the beer guy but together we create the highest calorie meal you can get. Have I mentioned we workout? Feel like I should put that out there so you don't think we're obese. Although, if I could eat Uber Brew french fries everyday, I might be on my way to an uneven BMI and a full wardrobe of stretchy pants.

Have I said that the people here are friendly? They are SO friendly! That's one thing about Seattle. We tend to have a permanently resting mean muggin face and we don't like to talk or acknowledge one another. I attribute this to the long ass commutes. Mine was about an hour on a good day... to go 15 miles. I can't even! So, by the time to are up early, get your crap together, get on the road and finally get to work, you have already put in a good three hours. Is it happy hour yet? Nope. Only 8:30 A.M. So, you can see how it's no wonder Seattle people just don't want to talk.

All in all, we are loving our new home here in Billings and we can't wait to settle in more and get to know the city.  Life is good. So, so good.