Most good people, especially if they happen to be parents of young children, cringe at stories of molestation.  I try so hard to not be paranoid about people because I don't want my daughter growing up thinking everyone is out to get her, but anytime I see a story like this one about a former Huntley Project Coach molesting a teenaged girl, my blood starts to boil and I think "You can't trust anybody!"

I don't think there is any rehabilitation for this.  I think if you are sexually aroused by a child, then there is just something wrong with your internal wiring and whatever that is will always be there regardless of how much time you spend in jail or therapy.

A lot of people will say to execute them, or lock them away forever.  I'd be on board with either one of those, but neither are very practical and probably won't happen.  Instead, we will continue to see stories of rapists and the like getting mild sentencing ending up with them being right back on the streets.

If we can't legally get rid of them, then I wish we could permanently mark them.  Maybe dye their entire face bright orange so we know exactly what kind of person we're dealing with.  I doubt that will happen, but I hope we come up with a better solution than what we have.  If this man is proven guilty, whatever sentence he receives will not be enough.