Wow I am so sore! I hiked until my feet bled...literally. I decided to trek up the north area of the Blackfoot. It was a beautiful day, hot day with the sun shining bright. A great day but a good reminder of how things can go wrong while in the woods.

My friend Jeff and I decided to trek up the mountain in the Lolo National Forest. We didn't know how long it would take or how many miles it was up but figured we could do it. We actually made good time going up and went close to the very top and then started back down.

I decided it was a good idea to run down the mountain trail to get our heart rate going, not thinking that my new hiking boots would rub my ankles completely raw and the pressure form running down hill increased that, so much so I was bleeding by the end. Although I think the extra mile and half plus we hiked because we got lost may have done it.

The reason we had to hike an extra mile is because in our haste of running down the trail we missed out turn to get out and ended up in some backwoods area with a camper and outhouse. Thankfully my friend pinpointed our starting location but even so it was difficult to get out. A reminder about safety in the woods and when hiking. My new hiking boots may have some blood on them but at least we made out ok.

Not only being prepared as far as what you packed and bear spray but to remember things like telling a friend, GPS-ing your location. sending a text if you can or having some sort of map with you that has trails. Plus packing a first aid kit is key too.

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