Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, temperatures never reached this low. In fact, I don't think I've ever been outside somewhere and the temperature was lower than 20 degrees so having zero degree days and nights and with windchill making it worse, I can't even imagine being outside for long periods of time, let alone over night. The Rescue Mission is encouraging homeless people and families to come and stay overnight at the crisis center so that they can stay warm, get some food and clean clothes but there are some transients that refuse to come in and take the help. This hurts my heart so so much and I hope that these men and women put their pride aside and take the help. It could save their life!

KCTR Newsroom - The Gazette reports that a 62-year old man was found dead Sunday morning on a sidewalk near the intersection of Montana Avenue and North 27th Street in Billings.
Police report at about 7:30 a.m., a body was discovered in front of St. Vincent de Paul’s Montana Avenue office. The deceased man is believed to have been a transient, found by other people sleeping in the area, according to Sgt. Shane Winden.

The man’s cause of death is under investigation. Exposure and known health conditions are both possible factors. He had warm clothes and a sleeping bag with a low temperature rating. The National Weather Service recorded temperatures as low as zero overnight.
Montana Rescue Mission and the Community Crisis Center work with people facing hazardous conditions created by frigid temperatures. Rev. Glenn Fournier, MRM’s program director, said the shelter has operated under its “code blue” policy since October.