Since it is only 43 degrees outside today, I have been thinking of all the things that would make me warm and the first things that come to mind are hot shower, hot hubs, saunas and hot springs! Obviously, the first three are nice but hot springs are by far the superior choice! And since I would love to jump in one right now with a nice cocktail, I have put together a list of the best and closest hot springs to us here in Billings!

  1. Boiling River - Gardiner, MT
    Located at the North Entrance of Yellowstone National Park.  A 6-foot wide stream of hot water and probably the most popular soaking area in Yellowstone. Primitive - so no tiki bars or bands here! Usually packed in the summer so try to go in the Fall while you can still get into the park.
  2. Norris Hot Springs - Ennis, MT
    Located 45 minutes SW of Bozeman is a perfect 127 degrees soaking pool. Over 100 years old, the 30' x 40' pool has a wood bottom and wood deck. Not so primitive. There are a few places to eat and also a bar on deck. Plus, on weekends, Norris will have live music. Picture spring break but with a more hippy vibe. Basically where I want to be! There is camping available on site and there is a small fee to enter the pool.
  3. Bozeman Hot Springs - Bozeman, MT
    With seven separate soaking pools to pick from and all varying in temperature, there is a place for everyone. And since it is a resort there are restaurants, bars and lodging accommodations all in one place! Popular for families to get away for the weekend. Sounds like a great getaway to me!
  4. Chico Hot Springs - Livingston, MT
    Hot springs with a lodge... heck yes! The lodge may look a little dated but it still has that romantic Victorian charm and offers gourmet meals that are continuously voted the best in Montana! Chico offers a sheltered hot springs as well as an adjacent outdoor swimming pool so if you get too hot, then you can cool off! This is a great place for a weekend escape and is only about an hour and a half from Billings!