I was cracking up over the weekend, as I watched my neighbor battle a nest of yellow jackets. I know I shouldn't have laughed as hard as I did, but Let's just say I almost wet myself. The dance he performed was like some kind of choreographed masterpiece. It looked like tai chi sped up super fast. Now, I know that if I was in his same situation, I would handle it slightly more gracefully. But that doesn't mean I wouldn't flail my arms in the air like an idiot.

On that same note, I was car shopping recently, when the sales person refused to let me test drive a truck because a bee had settled on the door handle and wouldn't leave. Watching that poor girl run back inside, also made me giggle. It seems that everyone has somewhat of an underlying fear of bees. Some just handle it better than others. Check out hilarious video of a car full of girls, attempting to film a slow motion video, when an unexpected visitor enters the vehicle.