I am always deeply saddened when I hear of another person passing away due to the irresponsibility of choosing to drink drunk.  I understand that while intoxicated you can usually talk yourself into anything and you make yourself to be invincible, but after so many deaths and accidents and the numerous campaigns and the millions of families that have been affected, you would think the decision to say no would be so simple. I bring this up because over the weekend there was a fatal accident on Mullowney Lane involving alcohol.

A Billings man died early Sunday morning in a motorcycle crash on Mullowney Lane.
Around 1:40 a.m., Billings police responded to the wreck near the Interstate 90 underpass, according to a release from Sgt. Shane Winden.  The man had been riding a motorcycle at a high speed. He hit the curbing around a concrete median and the motorcycle flipped end over end for several feet.  The rider was not wearing a helmet. He was not conscious or breathing following the collision. Witnesses attempted CPR until emergency responders continued the efforts. However, they were not successful and the man was pronounced dead on scene. Speed and alcohol were determined to be factors in the crash.

Who knows, maybe if he would have been wearing the helmet he would have walked away with bumps and bruises or perhaps if he wouldn't have been speeding? But I do know that drinking probably led to a few decisions that cost him his life. I am sending positive thoughts and prayers to this family and his friends. Death is never easy, no matter cause.