*This blog is not a jab at the MontanaFair. I believe every fair is equal on this subject.

Everyone has been through the carnival portion of the fair or 'midway' as it is called here. The lights, the games, the tickets and the ginormous stuffed animals... who doesn't like that stuff?! Well, people who don't want to pay a million dollars! I believe I am incredibly naive to how much money is actually spent at those booths. Plus, the guys who work those booths could probably talk me into giving them my Social Security Number! They are fast talkers and don't really make sense and you think you are following along and then all of a sudden you own them $80. WHAT?!

Tim, who works at the radio station (remote tech, production assistant, on air talent and banner extraordinary) and myself decided that we needed to win a jumbo poop emoji for the office because who doesn't want one of those? It's one bean bag for $3 or three bean bags for $5. You make all three in and you win a prize. You make three more in and you get the next prize up and so on and so forth until you are at the jumbo size. The first guy explains that there are small, medium, large and jumbo prizes. Do the math.. $20 investment to win the jumbo poop emoji. Alright, we were game. I pay the money and Tim throws the bean bags.

Impressively, Tim gets all of them in. We were freaking out cause we were so excited. The other man running the booth then tells us that we owe him $40 and Tim and I are like "isn't it only $20? We did four rounds with three bean bags each round." The booth man proceeds to tell us all the different sizes of prizes and it was WAY more the small, medium, large and jumbo. It was more like micromini, tiny, small, smallish, medium, shmedium, large, bigger than large AND THEN jumbo. Pretty positive I missed some. Anyhow. So, Tim and I confirmed with booth guy that if we went and got $40 that we could have the jumbo poop emoji. He said yes. OKAY we are in business. More money than we thought, but worth it, I guess.

We get the money, bring it back and he hands us more bean bags and we confront him like "hey, you just told us if we bring you $40 then we are good." hahahaha well apparently we still needed to do like a ton more bean bags and the final total would have been about $100. HECK NO! $100 for a damn poop emoji. Goodness no! So, we took our 'large' prize and got the heck out of there. Normal, I'm not one to be heckled but this really caught be off guard! So, parents, beware when heading to the carnival/midway portion of the fair.... You may end up spending more than you think!


PS.. We got a heart eyes emoji face just for playing.