The Rock Creek Mercentile is where I learned to tie the "wonder bugger". A streamer I expect to catch some hogs ( as in big fish not actual swine). 

You can do a few variations on colors for this one. This one we did was the Brown Trout wonder bugger.

Things you need for this fly are yellow and copper Light Brite Dubbing, red stringy yarn, olive or yellow/brown marabou. Black or gold cone head, Dai Riki 730 size 4-10 and brown/green/red 6/0 thread. Lead weight is important to have too.

Instructions are below, but it's pretty simple.

  1. You get your cone head on the hook, put it in the vise and begin!
  2. Wrap lead weight on your hook and the cover it with thread, this adds the weight.
  3. Then you tie in your marabou tail ( size of the shank of the hook)
  4. Then dubbing and color of red string.

Like I said things vary. It's a variation of the wonder bugger but the same concept.