I have never been part of the Apple cult, but I have many friends and family who are and they'll likely never change. Being an Android user, I have no access to Facetime and even though there are cross platform solutions that work on both (e.g. Skype), they're typically bulky batter drainers that nobody wants to install or sign up for.

Last week, Google released their solution: Google Duo. It's free for Android and I-Phone and I think it's well worth the download. It only does video chat, so it's not bloated with features you don't need. There is no sign up required, you simply call a person from your contact list and if they have the app installed, you're good to go.

I'm not putting this info out here to help promote a Google product - I'm simply sharing because since I installed it last week, I've had video chats with three of my snobby I-Phone friends and it was incredibly painless. Whichever team you're on, I'm sure you have friends or family that are on the other side, so this might come in handy to bridge that gap.

Check out the link here for more info on Google Duo.