I have said from the beginning that The Burger Dive has the best burgers in the world and now that is literally true! I had reported a week ago that owner Brad Halsten and The Burger Dive won the World Food Championships in the burger category and that they were going onto the finals to compete against the other food categories. Unfortunately, they didn't win the whole shebang but they still get the glory of having the best burger in the world.

Well, lucky me, the special today was their championship burger. Obviously I took pictures and had to write about it! In the competition itself they were given beef burgers from Bubba Burger and were told they had to use Double Oak Bourbon from Jim Beam. All other ingredients were the competitors choice. Brad and team went with dates and coca-cola to round out their BBQ sauce and then the burger got topped with roasted garlic, smoked Gouda, garlic basil mayo and arugula. It was perfectly recreated in house and I LOVED IT. I give it two BBQ sauce covered thumbs up! Wouldn't mind seeing this burger stay on the menu forever. The sweetness of the dates and coca-cola mixed with the garlic and garlic basil mayo is out of this world. Do yourself a favor and get this baby before its gone!

Congrats, again, to Brad and team on a well deserved win!