When you walk up to Seva Kitchen on Broadway it looks like something you'd find in San Francisco. Super modern and very clean. I was a fan before I even made it in the door. As you come in the entry area you can tell that the mission of the restaurant is coming through in more ways than the food; Style and decor that combine many different cultures. If a restaurant could be well traveled, Seva Kitchen would have a full passport.

My hubby and I sat at one of the community tables and really enjoyed it. For just two people, long tables that seat multiple parties makes sense! There are however many tables for all different needs and there is bar seating as well for a quick drink after work.

The wine and beer list are quite large but that is welcomed as I love a good glass of wine with dinner (or two)! The Seva Kitchen menu is broken up into Small Plates, Medium Plates, and Large Plates. The portions push for sharing although I could of totally eaten of few by myself! However, ordering multiple dishes and sharing allowed for us to get different cuisines all in one meal, which is a tip of the hat to tapas style.

Here are some of things that we ordered.

Jenn/ TSM
Jenn/ TSM
Jenn/ TSM
Jenn/ TSM

The food is just amazing. The drinks are perfect and the price fits perfectly as well. I give it a big two thumbs up and that's something to be said on an opening night!

Seva Kitchen (now open)
313 N. Broadway

Monday - Friday 11am - 11pm
Saturday 11am - 2pm and 5pm - 11pm
Sunday - closed