Full disclosure: My birthday is on Halloween, which may in part explain my love of it. Whatever the case, Billings has an incredible Halloween hood that I look forward to taking my kid to every year and I'm posting this in their honor.

Last year, we did some reverse trick-or-treating and gave away prizes to people who had the best houses. There was no formal judging or criteria...just some on-the-fly decision making by my 7 year old daughter. She took the time to write 10 letters and we stuffed them in envelopes along with some tickets to Bacon Fest. I told her to give that she could give these anybody whose house caught her attention. This lead to a little bit of shock and confusion (having a kid give YOU something), but after people understood what we were up to, we got a lot of thank you's.

To everybody who works hard to make Halloween so over-the-top on those streets, thanks very much for the life long memories you're making for me and my kid.