It's difficult enough for non-famous people to deal with a partner's rumored infidelity and all the issues that come with that dissolution of trust. Imagine how amplified those feelings of betrayal must be, then, when the entire world is watching with bated breath, wondering whether the two of you will work things out or not. Thankfully, Iggy Azalea seems to have zero qualms about addressing the cheating scandal surrounding her fiance Nick Young, and the brutal way she'd deal with things should more rumors surface.

"Whatever 'bro code' is or whatever unspoken code that is, I don't really care," she said during a radio interview with Orlando & the Freakshow for Wild 94.1, referencing the secret recording made by Young's teammate D'Angelo Russell in which Young possibly admitted to instances of infidelity.

"I have an actual spoken commitment that you're gonna get married to me and that involves not doing any of those other things," she continued. "Screw guy code, how about what this person said in the video? That's what I care about."

Iggy elaborated, staying she refuses to turn a blind eye just because Young is an athlete, adored by thousands of people -- an excuse the show's host tried to make as a reason for any possible cheating.

"No, I'm not cool with it," she said. "Like, you will have half a penis. I already said, I was like, 'One more video, just one more thing and you will lose a quarter of your meat.'

"Just let me get some real evidence," she continued. "And you're gonna lose half an inch."

Check out the video above to watch Iggy tell it.

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