According to Iggy Azalea, the conversation surrounding her engagement to Nick Young amidst his alleged infidelities is over — so stop asking her about it! On April 18, the "Team" rapper went on Twitter to clear things up about her relationship status with the Los Angeles Lakers player, sharing, "For the record, I haven't broken up with Nick. We are still together..."

The Australian artist then asked to "be given a little (a lot) of privacy on the matter," urging the press especially to focus on asking her about her music, not her personal life, in future interviews.

"I always answer questions honestly. But my job is to promote my music, not my relationship. I'd love to be interviewed about the former only," she tweeted. And to be fair, Azalea does bring up an important point about privacy and boundaries between fans/the media and celebrities, and whether famous people should be expected to dish on every intimate, personal detail of their lives. (Answer: Probably not.)

However, while this is likely Azalea's final word on the matter, it isn't her first.

On April 5, when asked by a fan on Twitter if Azalea needed a U-Haul to come grab Young's things, the rapper replied, "nick and i are good babe." Similarly, while appearing on an episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show aired on April 8, she told the host that things were totally fine between the two.

"We’re good," she revealed. "There isn’t [controversy] at home, just on the Internet.”

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