Unlike Facebook, Instagram has the unique feed that is in chronological order of everyone you follow. That means every time you 'follow' someone's page, their pictures will come through your feed. In Facebook world, you can be 'friends' with someone but choose to never actually 'follow' them, which comes in handy for all those high school friends you don't truly care to see daily. And there is the regular Facebook feed that shows pics and share from the friends you are following, artists you care about the stuff that Facebook decides you are interested in.

However, Instagram has shared through it's blog that they are slowing working to create something similar to Facebook in that based on what you've liked in the past and what you have followed, that is what will come through your feed.. NOT in chronological order. Not really sure how I feel about that yet, but Instagram says it's working to make sure you don't miss your best friends posts in the slew of hundreds of other posts.

Which is awesome, except if I'm being totally honest, I don't always care to see all my friends posts. I actually use Instagram as a creative outlet mostly, following foodies, travelers, photographers and inspirational people. Of course I love my friends and I follow them on Insta because I'm not an ass but sometimes I just don't care to see the 1200th car selfie. Is that bad?

Anyhow, I just did the new update and now my Insta is doing the new feed but according to the article, it will be a slow transition so some people may not even have it yet. What do you think? Is that annoying or more convenient?