I am off this weekend to fly fish for bass. Hopefully I'll get into some, but to be honest I have never fly fished for them just gear fished and need some help.

I'll be most likely somewhere in the Flathead Valley. I have been on a few lakes up there and you can find them that's for sure. Now it's getting warmer it is a bit harder I think to catch them.

I have heard that poppers on the water work, leach patterns and crawdads. Maybe some Woolly Buggers as well. I haven't done it with a bead head but heard that works well? Again I am just asking and taking notes.

Obviously a difference in large and small mouth bass as well as in a lake/pond or river. I believe we will be in a lake.

If you have any tips on Bass fishing with a fly rod please let me know at charene@kyssfm.com

Charene Herrera TSM

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