Widely considered to have one of pop music's most iconic voices, Mariah Carey can typically captivate a crowd without much effort. Still, at the 2015 Billboard Music Awards, she encountered at least one seemingly unimpressed onlooker: Jennifer Lopez, who was rumored to have been texting through the performance.

But was J. Lo really as unaffected as she seemed to have been?

On last night's (February 29) Watch What Happens Live, J. Lo, who's allegedly been in a feud with Carey for years, addressed the rumor that she had no interest in watching Mimi's set. She insisted her interest in her phone was overblown, but still didn't pass up the opportunity to throw a little shade.

"First of all, that was not fair with the texting thing, because I watched a lot — it was a long performance!" she says in the video above. "I watched most of it. I may have looked down for one second, and people were like 'Look at her! Look at her!'"

J. Lo also explains that though she's seen a handful of Las Vegas revues over the past year, she hasn't yet bought a ticket to Carey's because she "didn't have a lot of time."

A performance that definitely didn't send J. Lo searching for her phone? Kelly Clarkson's recent American Idol showing, which Idol judge Lopez says was so captivating, she didn't even notice others around her had been reduced to tears.

"It was so good," J. Lo says in a separate interview clip. "One of my favorite singers not including Idol...in the world. She just has such a really amazing voice, and I love her music. It was so riveting in the room."

"You know what I feel really bad about? Keith [Urban] was sobbing next to me, but I was so into Kelly that I didn't even notice," she adds.

Oh, and as for ex Ben Affleck's giant back tattoo? Lopez doesn't mince her words.

"It's awful!" she says. "I would tell him that."

Watch the video above, and tell us if you buy J. Lo's insistence that she and Mariah are fine.

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