First off, who the heck put election day on a Tuesday? Don't people know that's reserved for tacos?! I digress..

People say that this was one of the most historic elections in our nations history. Chances are though, it won't be the last. Our country, it's people and the values of every individual are ever changing and ever evolving. With that comes a shift in the values of those who run for President and those who vote. So, every four or eight years, we will all be saying the same thing.

I think what people forget is that we are voting for hope. Yes, we elect a person but we as the American people are actually voting for the hope that our situations in this country will change. Things like: wages, health care, job security, the creation of more jobs, religious freedoms, women's health, education and a good life for our children, a better life for veterans, government assistance for the elderly and the homeless and the list goes on. All we really want is to know that all of the things we need to live will be safe and that we will be safe.

I will not lie, I voted for Donald Trump. I purposely looked at both candidates with an equal slate. I removed all the bull$hit from their personal lives and the things the media have told me and looked only at their campaign initiatives and then figured out which ones aligned best with my values and my hopes for the future. All crap put aside, I actually admire Donald Trump. He built a business empire. He literally did what everyone who comes to American wants to do: be successful, make money and have a family.

He speaks his mind. He has hope. I can tell he truly loves this country and wants it to win and be successful. He is looking at the marginalized in the smallest communities in America; the forgotten citizens. Now, sometimes he doesn't say it eloquently like we'd like to hear it but that's why the presidency is a team effort. He has aids and a Vice President and a House and Senate to help him and mentor him.  He has set an example for a whole new generation of potential politicians. That you don't need to be a career politician to want to help the country become it's best.

I know people are saying 'oh, my daughters' and blah blah blah... Listen, you shouldn't be looking to the president to set an example in your home and how your kids turn out. That is your job as a parent and no one elses. Eventually they will become old enough to make their own decisions and have their own opinions.

I am proud to be an American and although either candidate wasn't ideal, it doesn't matter. What matters is that our country is free. We have the freedom to vote. We got to decide who becomes president. We are free to talk about why or why not we like them. But don't just use your freedom to complain. Use it for good. Use it for change. If there is a problem in your community, don't wait for someone else to come along and fund it and fix it. YOU fix it. You put in the effort to make your own community what you want it to be. And if that's too hard for you and you are looking to move to Canada or wherever... Well, don't let the door hit your ass on the way out!