Yes, you read that headline correct. I'm almost 28 years old and have never learned how to drive a stick shift or manual car.  My husband has been pestering me for years to learn how to drive stick in case something comes up and I need to drive his car. Thus far nothing has happened and we have been fine, but now I have an actual reason!

My big boss told me yesterday that PopCrush is getting a sweet old school retro roadster to take out to events and you'll never guess what... It's a manual. Well, since you know who is going to have to drive it around, now I really have to learn and like now! My husband is actually taking me out today but we have to go find a parking lot big enough and empty enough to teach me.

Where did you learn to drive stick around here? Do you know of any places around Billings that have a huge vacant parking lot? Preferably without light poles and people!  I'm sure I will pick it up just fine but it seems so different than driving an automatic. But I am SO determined to be amazing at it because I want to drive this adorable car around Billings!

PS... if you see me out in the car driving around town, please give me a little grace annnnnd some space lol!