Justin Bieber's Purpose might have only dropped two months ago (have you read our review?), but it appears the "Sorry" singer is on a creative tear.

After the leak, and subsequent official upload on his YouTube channel, of previously unreleased track "I'll Be There" this week, Justin's already releasing more music, this time in the form of a series of in-studio Instagram video teasers posted on Monday night (January 18).

"Open your mind wider than the ocean / Life is but a moment/ And every single time you want to give up, hold on tight to watch you love and don't let go," he sings across the first teaser.

The atmospheric R&B production and lyrical self-empowerment is very much in line with the moody stuff of Purpose's heavier offerings, like "I'll Show You" and "Life Is Worth Living."

"Every single time you want to break, break from your troubles / Take a breath, every step, let it wash away / Wash away," he smoothly croons across the second clip.

Funnily enough, Biebs hinted at the lyrics to this new song over seven weeks ago on Instagram in a caption on one of his photos.

"Before the number was the name March 1st before player was the game I'm not the same as Michael even though he hall of fame I'm all hall of faith put me on the wall of change," he wrote at the time. Evidently, this one's already been brewing in his mind.

So, what's this all about? A Purpose 2016 re-release? Prepping new tunes for the upcoming Purpose World Tour? Or simply diving head-first into that follow-up already? It sounds pretty solid, so whatever it is, don't stop while you're on a roll now, JB.

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