Where Justin Timberlake's next album is concerned, he's taking The 20/20 Experience and completely obscuring it.

The "Mirrors" singer, who most recently covered Cyndi Lauper's "True Colors" with Anna Kendrick as part of Trolls promotion, told Variety his next LP will take his career in a totally new direction. The project's not quite figured out, he said, but there's a tone that's slowly becoming clearer.

"I wouldn’t say [my new material] is the antithesis of 20/20, but it does sound more singular," he said. "If 20/20 sounded like it literally surrounds your entire head, this stuff feels more like it just punches you between the eyes."


Timberlake added he doesn't have an exact release timeline, and that one of the merits of getting older is not being concerned with routinely releasing work. Another benefit of getting a little long in the tooth? Genuinely appreciating those that have stood by him for so long — his biggest fans.

"The more I go through this — making people laugh, and making people feel — it’s an amazing thing to be a part of," he said. “I get a gift out of it. When you’re younger, sometimes you can’t see that gift; I think that’s how some people in our industry become so megalomaniacal, in a way. It’s easy to be made to feel like, ‘I made all this happen.’ But you didn’t. You were just there for it. That’s what I feel like whenever I write a song. I was just there for it."

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