Today I got the pleasure of having my little niece at work with me! She is almost ten and is such a ball of fun it is unreal! I spoil her like crazy. I can not say no to her what so ever. Today she had pancakes, a cake pop, banana bread, ice cream, raviolis, coconut water, juice, a soda and more. She has been around radio her whole life so she is always on her best behavior. If the mic is on our lips are zipped haha she knows the drill!


It never fails to amaze me how spot on she is on with music and or local talent. I can ask her who sings this song or who is on a commercial, and she will know. It is pretty impressive. The things that come out of this kids mouth always amaze me. She has a new thing with giving everyone nick names. Mine is chocolate, hers is marshmallow, and my moms is meatloaf... weird I know yet super cute. Kids really are the best. I asked her today what she wants to be when she grows up and she said a radio personality. Didn't say D.J. She knows the difference in a club D.J and someone on air. Smart girl. Girl after my own heart for sure!