As some of you know, I have five kids that live at home with me -- four boys and one baby girls. They are ages 8 years 6 months. As you can imagine, there is rarely a dull moment in my house. Either someone is fighting, someone is crying, someone is laughing or someone is coming up with the next big saying. They never stop.

Some of the ideas they come up with are beyond my comprehension.

I've mentioned on air a couple of times of that moment my 8-year-old son Rodney came to my wife and I with the most serious of questions. It was right before Christmas. He asked us why Frosty the Snowman's feet didn't get bigger when he walked? When he rolls a snowman, it always gets bigger the more it moves because of the collection of snow as it rolls.

My 7-year-son Ashton likes to put chairs in the middle of the living room floor and pretend he's running a rollercoaster. His riders are his brothers, of course. He tells his passengers to keep their arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times and to enjoy the ride, then he sends them off for the thrill of their life.

It's quite funny to watch actually. They all get into it.

One thing is for sure. There is always something new to be learned from my kids each day I go home.

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