Lady Gaga understands the toll fame can take on a celebrity's mental health all too well, especially during the early stages of someone's career.

Gaga admitted as much during a recent radio interview, when the hosts of 103.5 KTU referenced Selena Gomez's recent announcement -- the "Hands to Myself" singer is currently taking a break from the spotlight to focus on her health -- to ask Gaga to elaborate on the pitfalls of fame.

“I would say that fame is very isolating,” Gaga said. "[It] takes a moment for you to stabilize yourself, especially if you’re really in it for the music or for your craft, because it can be a distraction from all of those things.”

"Suddenly, it’s about keeping up with your career," she continued, noting that trying to maintain that peak level of fame can be detrimental to anyone's well-being. "Or keeping up with number ones, or being on top.”

The "Perfect Illusion" singer continued, saying she spent the past three years between albums trying to re-center herself.

"With this record, I just tried to spend the last three years recalibrating myself," she explains. "So that I could have human connection with people all over the world that maybe didn’t think that they could ever have a connection with somebody like [me]."

Head over to 103.5 KTU's official site to listen to a clip from Lady Gaga's interview.

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