In the 32 years that I have lived in Montana I have always wanted to go to the Lewis and Clark Caverns. So my whole life I have dreamed of going. I finally got to go this past weekend. I went on a family vacation and this was the one thing I was very persistent that we do. So my mom and I woke up early and headed towards Helena and made the stop at the caverns. Best idea ever.


I could not believe one how absolutely beautiful they are, and two I had no idea the history behind them at all. To know that it takes thousands of years for a formation to form is nuts. Also how many different types of formations there are. Did you know that if you touch them they die... it is true. They can not handle the oils on our hands and body. We all know that water and oil don't mix, and these beauties form because of water. This is truly one the most impressive things I have seen in our state. From the bats to the natural slide this is an adventure you should check out. On our tour there was even kids as young as six so pretty much anyone can do it. So worth checking out one of our wonderful state parks, and it is only like $12 to do it! After doing this I am excited to check out other wonders around our beautiful state! Where too next... any ideas?