I have been on the diet wagon since New Years Day. Granted I have had a few cheat days (more than I can count on both hands,) I still feel like things are going well. The only problem is, I subscribed to cooking fan pages on Facebook (i.e. Tasty and Tip Hero.) Now, I can't casually scroll though my news feed, without fantasizing over what I am going to make for dinner tonight. Then I make something outrageous and forget my portion control. Maybe it is time to try a different technique.

According to the Telegraph, a new study shows that you can lose weight by eating with a blindfold. Yeah, a BLINDFOLD! The reason is simple. If you take one of your senses out of the equation during meal time, your body will react.

People who ate blindfolded took in 9% fewer calories before they felt full, compared to people who could actually see their food. The blindfolded people estimated they'd eaten 88% more calories than they actually had.The researchers say blindfolds work for two reasons. Number one, because they stop you from eating for pleasure. And number two, eating with a blindfold on stops you from following your biological instinct to eat everything in front of you.

Makes sense, but why would I want to take the pleasure out of eating? Might as well just live off of rice cakes and flat water.