Do you know what day it is? Huh, huh, huh?  Wednesday you might say. But no, it's not just any old Wednesday.  It's hump day and time for my "Hump Day Track Of The Week"! This weeks pick rocks too!

Heard of John Newman?  I did about three or four months ago and have been following him since.  It was almost love at first sight, but not just yet.  I don't fall that easily! Ha, ha! I do however love John's song  "Love Me Again". Hence the reason why it is this week's pick!

Wikipedia had this to say about John Newman:

In an interview with Digital Spy, Newman was asked if he sensed that the song had something special about it in the studio. He said, "Yeah. The guy I wrote it with, we turned around and had massive grins on our faces thinking, 'There's something good here'. But you just never know how good it is, you know?". Newman was also asked if it was hard to write the lyrics about love and break-up, he said, "No, it's the only place where I really open up to somebody, through my music. I'm producing [the album] and writing it, it's good. I like to keep a hold of everything"


Take a listen and see(or rather hear) it for yourself!

I love the way he sings.  It sounds very unique, don't you agree?  Comment below and let me know what you think.  Suggestions for next weeks pick are welcome! And don't forget to share, share, share!