I don't know about you but I have been getting a insane amount of spam calls as of lately. The worst part is they come up with a 406 area code, and I just got a new phone and lost all my contacts. So every time I see 406 I assume it is someone I know. 99% of the time it is a scam. So I decided to play a fun game when they call.

Flip the call on them. I have been offered home and car insurance, free cruises, physic readings, and Life Alert to name a few. I am 31 I don't need Life Alert! So as the calls kept coming in I decided I would start calling them back and bothering them! Not going to lie it was super funny! The product I picked to mess with them was Life Alert. Obvious choice. I asked about what kind of batteries it takes, is it water proof, does it match most outfits, does it have a warranty, do you have best friend buttons so my bff and I can match?! I told the man on the phone I was ready to get my life saving button. He got really excited and of course asked for my credit card. I told him it was 123456789. He then told me I was not funny and he was going to block me! Mission accomplished. They have not called back yet! I am a little worried if I ever need Life Alert they won't give it to me! Yet that is what you get sir for calling me at all hours of the day... I will do the same. If you are wondering they did block me from at least two numbers haha The trick is to asked WAY too many questions!