If you listen to my show, you probably already know who I have a Man Crush on.  It's kind of funny though,  I never used to care much for him.  I just thought of him as another boy band guy, with not much to offer in the way of music.  Man(Crush) was I wrong!

First off, he's one heck of a funny guy.  Check out his impression of Jimmy Fallon!

See what I mean?  I love the skits he does with Fallon too. Speaking of Jimmy Fallon, he may have to be next weeks pick.  He's pretty awesome too.  Now back to Justin Timberlake.

He's got amazing musical talent too! I love this video of "Take Back The Night".

Wowzers!  He just doesn't slow down as the years go by.  He just keeps ripping out amazing songs.  I could only wish to be that talented!

Photo Courtesy of Kevin Winter, Getty Images

And that face! His wife(Jessica Biel) is one lucky lady.  Not only is he super hot, but he's got that "Cool" factor going for him too.

So what do you think of my Man Crush pick?  Love him? Hate him(I doubt it)? Who do you have a man crush on?  Comment below and share!  I want to know who I'm missing out on!