If you thought the 35-carat engagement ring wrapped around Mariah Carey's finger was priceless, she just proved it's mere pocket change compared to the person it decorates.

Mimi, who's currently on The Sweet Sweet Fantasy Tour, has apparently insured her voice for $35 million in the event anything goes wrong between now and the end of the series of shows, according to TMZ (the tour wraps up in Johannesburg in May). What's more: She's valued her legs at the very same number, bringing the grand total of a very small fraction of her body to $70 million. Yeah, uh, same...

Carey's not the first celeb who's allegedly appraised her own being. Rumors that Taylor Swift insured her legs for $40 million out of fear that clumsy dancing might have posed a risk to her tour popped up in March 2015. In May 2012, reports circulated that Louis Tomlinson insured his butt for more than $150,000 as fans habitually grabbed it.

Again, same.

How, exactly, the process of self-insurance works will hopefully come up in Carey's forthcoming docu-seriesMariah's World. The show will center on the singer's tour and upcoming marriage to James Packer, Billboard reported in March, and E! Executive Vice President of Programming & Development noted it plans to showcase "her unparalleled celebrity lifestyle filled with true glamour, maximum luxury and ultimate stardom." A leg-investment worth tens of millions sounds like it could certainly fall under this umbrella.

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