Somebody posted some travel tips on my Facebook wall this morning and I though I'd share a few of those -- as well as few of my own.

1. If your bag is over the 50-pound weight limit, take articles of clothing out of your checked bag and just put them on. There is no additional charge for the weight of the passenger.

2. Hopefully you fly enough to know to put your liquids in the small bottles and to put those bottles in a baggie for easier inspection when going through customs.


3. Bring your own snacks. There are two good parts to this. First, you get one of the snacks that you actually prefer. Second, you can eat them whenever you want and don't have to rely on some rude stewardess (or "FLIGHT ATTENDANT") to be in the right mood to grab you something to eat.


4. This is the most important of all. Drink heavily.

Clive Brunskill, Getty Images

So many people don't have someone entertaining in their lives. Be that person. Take it upon yourself to practice your standup routine, your magic tricks, even your singing.

Other passengers will silently thank you and always remember the time they flew with you.