Congratulations to Aaron for winning our fist ever Kiss Castaway competition at MontanaFair.  Hours of boredom, plenty of challenges, and the August sunshine added up to a lot of suck to deal with.  In the end, Aaron was victorious, but things could have gone differently.

At one point in the competition, Aaron and his teammate had won some time off of the island and some tickets to watch Fluffy's Saturday night performance.  Aaron decided to skip the show and head to a friend's house to relax for a while.  There was no rule against leaving the fairgrounds, but there was a rule on curfew.  Everybody was supposed to be back no later than 10 p.m.  Aaron made it back to the fair, but the upper parking lot was packed and he spent a lot of time trying to get parked.  Add to that the time it takes to actually walk all the way down to the Midway and he ended up being about 7 minutes late.

Aaron acknowledged that he screwed up and told me he would understand if he was eliminated.  I decided to leave it up to his competitors.  They're the ones going through all this misery, so they should be able to decide his fate.  The three of them (Katie, Cam and Kimberly) headed to the far end of the island for a conference and, after about at 10 minute discussion, gave us the thumbs up.

I have to say, I was pretty shocked they let him stay.  Aaron was competition and the best strategy would be to get him out of there, but they decided they wanted to give him a shot at the cash.  Now that he ended up taking the money, I wonder if they would do the same if they had it to do over again.