A new survey done shows the favorite restaurant of millennials and with my thought on millennials and foodies, the number one choice was not one I would have guessed. 

When you think of places that will draw an 18-24 year old crowd, where is it? The number one answer, though a favorite restaurant of mine, not what I would have guessed as the favorite of that group.

It's all about stay relevant and while some have not changed their brand or ways in awhile they still attract a younger crowd as well. Places like Ninety Nine Restaurants & Pub, Smashburger and Rubios all went up in rank.

According to the consumer report Red Lobster is the ultimate favorite of the millennials. Lisa Jennings wrote the article April 2016 she mentions that Red Lobster has an expanded menu with more wood-grilled items, larger shrimp and the scampi sauce is now made from scratch in house.

Of course you can't forget the best part the Cheddar Bay Biscuits. Refinery29 did an article on the topic and mentioned that Beyonce did a shout out to the popular chain and their sales jumped 33% the next day.

Smashburger was the second-highest-ranking player when it comes to "limited" burgers behind the reoccurring favorite In-N-Out Burger.



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